Gaming company Atari announced that it will be launching the sale of its Atari Coin via Those that are interested in purchasing Atari Coin will only be able to do so using Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash.

To ensure the development of this endeavor Atari has partnered with the likes of blockchain gaming company

Litecoin Foundation: A non-profit dedicated to developing and promoting state-of-the-art blockchain technologies A platform for building blockchain apps

Along with a handful of other companies

Atari stated that the vision for Atari Token: " Our goal is to create a token for the video game industry that is available to as many platforms and users as possible. We are continuously developing use cases, starting with networks of smart platforms, games, and casino games. We aim at gradually extending the reach of the Atari Token to other games and applications in the video game industry, always in accordance with applicable regulations"